Social Security Analysis

What is a Social Security Analysis?

Why Do I Need One?

Maciel Wealth Management offers up to date technology for Social Security analysis that will show you the best age to maximize your Social Security benefits to your financial advantage. 

What’s Our Approach?

Determining when and how to claim your Social Security benefits is not an easy task for most people to handle. Factors such as age in combination with the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations make it a daunting task. We have the benefit of up-to-date technology to constantly keep us in the know, so you’re not left confused or in a bind.

We make heavy use of sophisticated computer software in tandem with our know-how to determine how much you need for retirement, children’s education and leaving a legacy.

We’re also flexible, as we provide guidance when circumstances change in your life. We recognize that as your life and the market changes, so should your plans.

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