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How Can We Help Veterans?

Matt has marched in your boots and understands the demands and financial strains that come with serving in the Armed Forces.  Before entering the financial industry, he served in the United States Marine Corps. The military community is underserved by the financial industry and it’s his goal to change that. He wants to empower service members to take charge of their investments since they face constant moving, deployments, nominal pay, and enhanced chances of injury and death.  To change the industry, he offers low fees to service members and veterans and has no minimums to get started.


Services That Benefit Active Service Members and Veterans

  • Financial Planning

Planning is crucial in the military which is why you need a professional to build a financial plan that gives you the framework for a better chance of achieving your goals. Your pension and fixed investments will be eaten away overtime by inflation and the cost of living but planning for these risks now will help you live the lifestyle you desire in retirement. The plan covers all phases, even after retirement and uses advanced financial technology that gives you foresight well into the future.

  • Investments

Holding numerous retirement accounts can be burdensome and often tend to be ignored instead of being properly managed. Contrasting tax laws and requirements can apply differently to your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Roth Individual Retirement Account (Roth IRA), 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan and others. Also, holding multiple retirement accounts at various financial institutions makes managing your investments more difficult. Matt will simplify these complexities for you and make sure your money is properly managed. He will find the right platform to meet your needs and make sure all of your investments are on course with your financial goals. Additionally, as an independent firm he has greater access to investments that you might not be able to access in your basic retirement accounts like individual stocks and bonds, multiple Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), gold, and real estate.

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